Marriott’s St. Kitt’s Beach Resort

A common question I get from Marriott owners is “What’s the most important thing I need to do to get the Maximum value and enjoyment out of my ownership?”  You’d think it would depend on individual questions – where do you like to go, how many points do you have, or do you prefer mountains or beach?  But none of those questions lead you to the most important factor in having a good ownership experience.  The most important thing that owners can do to MAX their value and enjoyment — PLAN!!  And I’m not talking 9-12 months in advance – I’m talking 14-36 months in advance!

You may be thinking, “I don’t even know what I’m doing 6 months from now.  How am I supposed to make plans for 18 months out?”  Or “I don’t know where to go, or when to go.  It’s so overwhelming – I’ll deal with it later”.  New owners especially feel overwhelmed and are not sure the best way to start their ownership adventures.

The best advice I can give you as a Marriott Owners is to plan SOMETHING and plan it EARLY.  And with Abound going live in a few weeks (I’m being told July 28th), it’s a great time to make that plan and include the 23 new Vistana resorts being added — possibly including them in your plan for late 2023 and 2024.  Get ahead of the game, and hit the ground running when things open up. Don’t worry about which days or weeks to go as much as WHERE to go in making your “I want to go there” list.  Remember, this is for October 2023- December 2024. It’s easier to group your trips based on the calendar year to coincide with the usage year of my weeks and points. 

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Anyone who follows me, know that I harp on the fact that the BEST value for your Club Points is staying at Marriott (and soon to be Vistana) owner resorts.  No question.  But maybe you have your eye on an Alaskan Cruise, or a Tour of Europe, or even a home on the beach in the Caribbean.  Not as good of value, but a heck of a lot of fun!! And that carries credentials in making your travel plans. So consider the Interval International resorts, or the Cruises, Tours, Homes, if you really want to try them out. And remember, you may need to borrow or bank points to make some of those experiences an option.

The biggest frustration comes for Vacation Club Owners when so many other Owners are trying to get the same resort for the same dates.  The owner who understands the process the best, gets the best results.  Let me say that again. The owner who understands the process the best, gets the best results. It isn’t hard, but it is a process with rules to understand.  I’ll walk you through the basics – Maxing Marriott Ownership 101 – to help you maneuver the process and build memories to last a lifetime. And that includes ALL the steps.  Just get started for now and make your plans.  More to follow.

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