About Me

I can still remember driving home after becoming a new owner in the Marriott Vacation Club family – I was so excited thinking about the future vacations we would now be taking, but also worried about how to maximize the opportunities to their fullest.  That was over 25 years ago.  Things weren’t always easy and straightforward to get the vacation we hoped for.  We have spent hundreds of nights in Marriott time share properties, and I have learned some “tricks and tips” that help ensure I have a positive experience each vacation.  I also know keeping up on all the options in using your points and properties can be mind boggling. Hopefully, I can teach you some insights and understanding, so you can enjoy the ownership privileges you bought and can truly LOVE your travels as well.  I am not affiliated with Marriott in any way and will give you honest feedback and insight on maneuvering through their processes and procedures.