Marriott’s Mountainside, Park City, Utah

Only three resorts are listed on Destination Escapes for April, Fairway Villas in New Jersey, Grand Chateau in Vegas, and Mountainside in Park City, UT.  Some are AMAZING and some options DO NOT DO, as you would use more points using the Destination Escapes discount than just booking online.  Let me break down the details for you.

Grand Chateau

BEST deal by far is Grand Chateau in a Guest Room, checking in on April 20th for 3 nights for only 180 Club Points.  If you reserved the same date, same villa without the Destination Escapes discount, you would need 670 Club Points – a 73% discount.  THAT is an amazing deal!!!  Unfortunately, that is the only option at that high discount. 

The next best deal is the other end of the spectrum.  Stay 7 nights in a 1-bedroom villa checking in any day between April 10th and April 24th and it will only be 840 Club Points with the Destination Escapes discount.  Normally that would require 1715 Club Points – almost a 50% discount!!!  And with so much to do in Vegas, you can easily stay busy going to shows and eating at fabulous restaurants for a week.

Any of the other options at the Grand Chateau using Destination Escapes would get you a 31% discount, so you can’t lose on any Destination Escapes options at this property for April.


Mountainside is one of the premier skiing destinations during ski season.  Typically in April skiing at Park City is over, but not this year.  Park City has had record snowfall, and Park City Ski Resort – the ski resort that Mountainside sits on — just announced that they will remain open through April 23, two weeks longer than originally planned.  Many of the surrounding ski resorts will be still open as well – Snowbird has over 600 inches of snow, and gets more snow on a regular basis.  April skiing anyone???

But don’t necessarily run to make the call to make your reservation to Mountainside using Destination Escapes.  If you want to stay in a Guest Room, then you will save 24-31%, depending on the number of days you stay.  But if you want to have a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom, DO NOT use Destination Escapes.  This is “off-season” typically, and the number of Club Points required is less for every option in those size villas using normal reservation procedures.  You could stay in a 2-bedroom villa for 4 nights, checking in on April 20th, ski right outside your door, and only use 594 Club Points (includes the 60-day discount)!   Destination Escapes would require 720 Club Points. 

Fairway Villas

Fairway Villas only have 2-bedroom villas, so other size villas are not an option.  The longer you stay, the less your discount is when using Destination Escapes.  In fact, for 7 nights, DO NOT use Destination Escapes as you would be using MORE Club Points to stay.  But for 4 nights, you would save 18% and 3 nights would save you 28%.  Lots of dates for options if that is something you want to do. You get the MAX discount if you check in on either Thursday for Friday for 3 or 4 nights.

BEST way to MAX your Ownership is using Holding Points on good deals with Destination Escapes.  You need to call and talk to an Owner Advisor to use Destination Escapes.  Same cancellation policy as any reservation – all points are returned as Holding Points.  But if you are using Holding Points for the reservation, there is no risk or penalty if you cancel.  WIN WIN WIN!!!

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