Shadow Ridge — Enclaves

Destination Escapes for October are “slim pickings” with only ONE resort listed, and it really isn’t that great of deal. Shadow Ridge — Enclaves in Palm Desert, CA was listed for September Destination Escapes, and is also available in October using the Destination Escapes discounts. However, the deals in September were much better as you could reserve a villa over the weekend when the required points for a regular reservation were much higher. You can reserve either a Guest, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom for 3 or 4 nights — no 7 night availability. For October, only weekday check-ins are available, making the value of Destination Escapes offer good ONLY if you reserve a Guest Room. In compared to a normal reservation, you can save 33% using the Destination Escapes discount ONLY FOR A GUEST ROOM. A 1 bedroom or 2-bedroom actually costs you MORE if you use the Destination Escapes discounts!! — DON’T DO THAT!!!

More Destinations Escapes for October posted — check out the newest, latest, and best options at

More October Destination Escapes Options!

Villa Type3 nights Regular3 nights Escapes4 nights Regular4 nights Escapes% Savings
Guest Room24018032024033% Savings
1-bedroom32436043248010% MORE  
2-bedroom5255407007203% MORE  
Regular Reservation Requirements vs Destination Escapes Requirements
Destination Escapes October 2022

Note — the Normal Reservation Club Points required are using the 30% discount given for 60-day reservations for Presidential and Chairman level owners.

For September you can still reserve Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand — about a 13% savings over normal reservations. And Villas @ Doral in Miami is still available for September. It wasn’t the best value, but isn’t available at all using normal reservations anymore, so if you want to go there, Destination Escapes is the way to go.

Hopefully, in the next few months, there will be better options with Destination Escapes — this program is my FAVORITE and can really stretch your Club Points a ton with the right deal!!

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