Marriott’s Explorer Collection — Ocean Cruises

Maxing Marriott wants to know what your experiences and impressions are regarding the Marriott Vacation Club Explorer Collection. There are tons of options in the collection — everything from Resort Credit to Chairman Only Tours.

This is your chance to give your feedback about your own impressions and personal experiences with the Explorer Collection. Have you been on a Cruise? — I want to hear about it. Have you used your points for a car rental? — I want to hear about it — both the Good and Bad. I will keep your responses anonymous and not share your personal information. Of course, as always, I never allow spam be sent.

Simply go to the Survey Link below and complete the short survey “Marriott Explorer Collection Survey”. The information you provide will be valuable in communicating with Marriott the “It Was Awesome” experiences and the “Needs Improvement” areas of the experiences they offer. Thanks for sharing your valuable insight!!

Marriott Explorer Collection Survey

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