Westin St. John, USVI

It’s been 2 weeks since Abound by Marriott became available to Marriott and Vistana Owners. There was a flurry of reservations going on that first day grabbing up the prestine resorts that were initially available. Even the above resort Westin St. John had availabilities!! Also the Westin Lagunamar, Westin Nanea, and other highly requested resorts had a number of availabilities for various dates. But that was two weeks ago. I just spent about an hour going through the most popular resorts trying to find availabilities for next year, and only found two availabilities for the Westin Resort and Spa in Cancun — one in May 2023, and one in July 2023 — both would be for a 2-bedroom villa using 3150 Club Points. All others were “no availability” over and over again.

Years ago — and I’m talking BEFORE Club Points came into the picture — owners could search availabilities by a DATE range, not just by LOCATION. That would be a WONDERFUL tool for all the Abound Owners to have. If you need to take a break from an especially stressful month of work — just go out and see where there are availabilities. Instead of spending a big chunk of time trying to figure out where you can go next March, simply indicate what time frame you would like to travel and have Marriott provide YOU with a list of all availabilities. Even if there is NOTHING available, it is a much more positive experience finding that out, than spending a great deal of time searching for resorts and getting the messages “no availability” over and over and over again.

I remember trying to find somewhere that my sister and I could travel together back when searching by date was an option. We were thinking of California, or even Boston. There was no availabilities there, but there was in Arizona — that wasn’t even on our radar — and YES, we could make that work. I would have never searched for availability in Arizona, but by Marriott showing me that we could go there, we made it work and were excited about our option!

It doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do. Perhaps if Marriott realized that we as Owners would appreciate such a feature, they would work hard to make it happen. I mean — there are over 90 resorts! Help us find availabilities at places that we wouldn’t think to search, but would be willing to try!!

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