Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach — Phuket, Thailand

Since before COVID, Marriott has never had an international resort as an option for Destination Escapes. And that makes sense, considering the added expense and planning needed to get to an international destination in a short time period. But I’m hoping we see MORE international destinations for Destination Escapes in the future — this will make my international followers very happy!!! (Wish I could take some credit on this, but I had nothing to do with it!)

Go to Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach — Phuket in August anytime before August 22 on extra low points. You get the BEST deal if you can get there the first part of August, and of course staying 7 nights after flying for 24-36 hours to get there! If you are in that area anyway, you also have the option of 3 or 4 nights for only 540 or 720 Club Points respectively. It only takes 1260 Club Points for a week in a 2-bedroom villa anytime in August with Destination Escapes. You go the first part of August and you’ll save at least 45% of your points — you could celebrate all week long!!! Go the middle to end of August and you’ll save at least 13% of your points — still only 1260 Club Points. And don’t forget, you can use Holding Points for these reservations!! AND you aren’t required to attend a Sales Presentation!

Don’t forget to do your homework regarding restrictions to enter the country. Be sure to check out the Marriott hub for requirements to enter the country Marriott’s Hub Mai Khao Beach . They also currently require masks as per their statement on the hub: Due to a government order, face coverings are required for all Members, Owners, and guests when outside your apartment (including in all common and public areas). While at the resort, please remember to maintain social distancing between other Members, Owners, guests, and associates. 

Your schedule might not allow you to take this opportunity this time, but hopefully, we will see more international Destination Escapes in the future!

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