MVC Pulse @ Mayflower, Washington DC

Destination Escapes for June have been posted. Not much to choose from, as there aren’t many “high inventory available” resorts right now. Only two resorts were added to the options — Desert Springs Villa I and MVC Pulse @ Mayflower, Washington DC — but DC is a GREAT deal where you can save significant Destination Points!

The Desert Springs Villa I has lots a availability during the entire month of June for both 1 and 2 bedroom villas. However, when comparing the Destination Points needed to reserve through normal methods, the savings is not anything to jump at. To stay in a 1-bedroom villa for 7 nights it normally takes 870 points with the 60-day discount. Destination Escapes is 840 points — only 30 points less or 4% savings. A 2-bedroom reservation is a little better with 1400 points normally and 1260 Destination Escapes points — or 10% savings.

The Pulse in Washington DC is a much better option if you are looking at using Holding Points on Destination Escapes deals. There was NO availability online for this property the entire month of June, except for a 3-night reservation which would take 885 Destination Points. But using the Destination Escapes discount it would only be 180 Destination points — that’s a whopping 80% discount — saving 705 points on 3 nights!! And remember — there was NO availability for 4 nights or 7 nights, where you could stay using Destination Escapes for only 240 points or 420 points respectively — a huge savings! If you can get to DC in June and want a great deal, you should do this!!

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