You have just a few days left to put in your bid to experience the life as “A First Lady” at a Ritz-Carlton. Marriott recently announced that SHOWTIME and The Ritz-Carlton has made a first-of-its-kind collaboration, reimagining the iconic concept of presidential suites in celebration of the new SHOWTIME anthology drama series THE FIRST LADY, airing April 17th. Beginning in April, select Ritz-Carlton properties will feature presidential suites recreated as The First Lady Suites, offering Marriott Bonvoy members a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the worlds of the First Ladies portrayed in the series.

The First Lady Suites will evoke the FDR era at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park; the Ford era at The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles; the Obama era at The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago, and the eras of all three at The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C. Each suite will include actual set pieces and props from the production set of THE FIRST LADY such as a bespoke replica of President Franklin Roosevelt’s wheelchair, a model building of the Betty Ford Center and a replica of boxing gloves from the Obama era Let’s Move! health initiative. In addition, each hotel will display elegant period costumes worn by the actors in the series and offer First Lady-themed beverages and cocktails in its bars and restaurants. The stays include an opportunity to dine like a First Lady with a private in-suite custom-curated dinner and drinks for two, featuring the First Ladies’ favorite recipes. The collaboration will culminate with guided tours of the suites for the public, and complimentary refreshments that reflect First Ladies’ favorite culinary delights, including First Lady-inspired versions of the famous Ritz-Carlton cookies.

Bidding ends March 21st, so you have less than a week to make your bid if you want to experience this first-time-ever event. Go to the Marriott Bonvoy Moments platform and bid on how many Bonvoy points you are willing to use for the overnight stays in the First Lady Suites that you would like — each event is listed separately. You can also bid on the THE FIRST LADY Showtime Premier event where the winning bidder will get to watch the premiere from reserved seating in the theater and continue the evening’s festivities at an after party. The show airs on Showtime on April 13th.

Currently, most options only have 1 bid each, ranging from 92,500 – 125,000 Bonvoy points. Considering that the Ritz-Carlton New York hotel has been pegged to increase required Bonvoy points by 20,000/night March 29th AND that to stay in the same hotel — in just a basic guest room — the very same night would cost you 105,000 Bonvoy points (without THE FIRST LADY experience), AND that the current bid for that experience is 92,500 Bonvoy points — it is a very reasonable option for someone with a lot of Bonvoy points.

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