Marriott’s Royal Palms, Orlando, Florida

Destination Escapes for February 2022 have posted, and there is really only one good option — Royal Palms in Orlando. There were three other properties within the Destination Escapes list (Cypress Harbour — January 10th is the only available date — and Pulse New York City — only available January 7th) and Villas at Doral (read further to see why I didn’t list this as an option).

Disappointing, but there is a golden thread about this scenario. Having little inventory available with a discount to owners to promote occupancy is a good sign that people are traveling, even with the latest surge of COVID. Another positive perspective to consider is that even though there is a big surge in COVID, the travel industry isn’t shutting down. Both good things right now. Enough analysis as to why there are so few options. Let’s get to what deal IS available for February with Destination Escapes.

Best deal, and frankly ONLY deal, is Royal Palms. There are numerous dates available for 3, 4, or 7 nights — all 2-bedroom villas. For 3 nights — 540 Destination Points. Four nights takes 720 points. And 7 nights — only 1260 points. Only 1260 points for a 2-bedroom villa — great deal! Royal Palms is an older property, but don’t let that be a deal breaker on going there. They have recently renovated the rooms, and the grounds are beautiful. We’ve stayed there a number of times with our family and have always been happy. Without any discount, it would take 2450 Destination Points. With the 60-day discount, a reservation would be 1715 Destination points — using the Destination Escapes reservation, the discount is 25% less that the 60-day discount and over 50% discount over regular point requirements.

The other option is Villas at Doral in Miami and check-in on January 18th is the only available date. This property is often an option with the Destination Escapes discount. DO NOT DO THIS! This resort doesn’t require a lot of points, especially during low season. So even though it is 540 Destination points for 3 days in a 2-bedroom villa with Destination Escapes, it would only be 465 points with the normal 60-day discount — LESS than what you get using the Destination’s discount! Not a good usage of your points for good value.

Sometimes Marriott adds a property after the initial posting for Destination Escapes, and I’ll keep checking for that. In the meantime, know that people are traveling, even during a “slower” travel season, and even during COVID!

Remember you have to call Owner Services to make a reservation using the Destination Escapes discount.

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