Marriott’s Ocean Pointe, Singer Island, Florida

Destination Escapes usually becomes available at the end of each month. I posted about the December Destination Escapes a few days ago — you can refer to it here. Unfortunately, the Boston Custom House Escapes are all gone — not surprised. But there are two new properties listed that have been added — Harbour Lake in Orlando and Ocean Pointe (pictured above) on Singer Island.

Destination EscapesNormalWith Executive DiscountWith Presidential/Chairman Discount
Ocean Pointe
Guest Room
3 nights180600450420
4 nights240800600560
3 nights360825620575
Harbour Lake
Guest Room
3 nights180195145135
4 nights240260195180
7 nights420685515450
2 bedroom
3 nights540525395365
4 nights720700525490
7 nights1260172512951205
Additional Destination Escapes for December 2021

With this chart, you can see what options are currently available for these two properties, And you can easily see if the Destination Escapes would be a good deal! If the numbers are GREEN, you will save points using the Escapes discount. If they are RED, you will use MORE points using the Escapes discount. As you can see, your Owner level affects the number of points required because of the 60-day discount available to higher owner levels. This shows you that ALL Destination Escapes aren’t something you should grab if you can. Sometimes you spend more points using their discount.

Ocean Pointe looks AMAZING — just look at that image of the resort above — and the discounts are just as AMAZING!! There isn’t a lot of options, so grab them NOW, or it will be like the Boston options posted just a few days ago, they’ll be gone!! I went online to do a comparison of how many points it would take with a normal reservation, and there weren’t ANY villas available for Ocean Pointe in December!! If you reserve a guest room, you’ll get up to a 70% discount, depending on your owner status. For a 1-bedroom it is over a 50% discount — also a STEAL OF A DEAL!!! Run to the website!! Even with the 60 day reservation discount for high owner levels, you would be getting a nice discount on DPs required — MAXING your points!! All options are great deals!

Harbour Lake isn’t as good of discount. Frankly, I was surprised how few Destination Points it takes to stay at Harbour Lake in December. As you can see, if you are a Chairman, this isn’t an Escape you would want to participate in. The only great discount for a 2-bedroom villa is for 7 nights if you have a lower owner status than Executive. If you just need a guest room, it might save you some, depending on your Owner level.

Ocean Pointe — YES!! Harbour Lake — depends on your ownership level.

Destination Escapes give you the MOST value for your Destination Points if you are aware of what the true deals are. That’s what I’m here to help educate you on what those deals are. Think about it — staying 4 nights at Ocean Pointe for only 240 points?? That’s a great value!!!

Destination Escapes can be found on the MVC website under the Destinations Tab. You will need to call the posted number to make the reservation.

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