Le Meridien Maldives at sunset — Category 5 Property

First, the bad news. Marriott is changing their Bonvoy Awards charts — actually, they are REMOVING them. Starting March 2022, the awards chart used to show the number of Bonvoy points needed (Off Peak, Standard and Peak) for a particular property will be determined using DYNAMIC PRICING. That means that the number of points needed will be based on the cash price, and fluctuate accordingly.

Somewhat good news is that for 2022, the award prices will stay WITHIN the specified range of the current awards chart based on the property category. But no guarantees if any point requirements will be in the “Low Peak” amount, or if all points required will be closer to the Peak ranges. In 2023, it will be a “free for all” — no caps on point requirements.

Disappointing to say the least. Only time will tell what impact this actually makes. All the travel guru’s are saying to redeem your Marriott points before March because at least you know what you will be paying.

One thing is for sure, in my opinion — some of the great properties like the one shown above will not be available to travel to with only 30-40,000 Bonvoy points a night — that will only be a memory starting next year.

Personally, I’m following the advice to redeem the points before March. That doesn’t mean you have to TRAVEL before March. Make your reservation months after March if that works in your schedule better. As long as you RESERVE your travel using points BEFORE March 2022, you will be using the current awards chart.

Now the good news. Marriott has also announced they will extend the deadline on your Elite Status through 2022. Suite Night Awards receive a 6-month extension. Free nights through credit cards will also be extended. All these extensions will give you more time to use your current benefits.

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