Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas

Every year we bring our whole family here to Newport Coast Villas! My husband and I do a bit of traveling each year, but this property is my all-time favorite for the family — and I’ll tell you why. It’s like the Cheesecake Factory Menu — there is something for EVERYONE! The pools are wonderful, and they have 5 of them, if you count the three main pools separately that are centrally located. Also a pool is on one end of the property, and a splash pad/pool is on the other end. The little kids love standing under the big bucket as it pours water on them, and wading into the beach entry pool. The older kids love playing volleyball or throwing a football in the above pictured pool. And us “more mature” people love sitting under an umbrella sipping a refreshing drink and looking up from our book for all the “Mom/Grandma, watch this!”

I’ll cover when to come to get the best deals, where to stay for the best views and pool access, beach tips, fun activities for all ages while you are here, COVID impacts currently, and even how to keep the noise down with a whole bunch of excited people. I guarantee you will learn something to enhance your next trip here. If you’ve never been, hopefully, you will understand why I absolutely LOVE this resort after this week!

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