Before you relinquish some MVC points for your next car rental, let me explain why that is not a wise use of your points.

Marriott recently announced that you can now use your MVC points on car rentals. For “only” 500 points, you can get an e-certificate worth $150 — or for 975 points, your e-certificate would be for $300 towards a car rental at Avis or Budget. Who doesn’t like to rent a car when you fly into your destination and stay for a week? Sounds convenient, and hey — you’ve got MVC points, right???

Let’s look at what VALUE your MVC points are in a few examples. First, let’s take Kauai Beach Resort. To stay there in July in a Parlor unit, it takes 1150-1550 points. If you reserved the exact same room through the Marriott website, it would cost you $2431. That’s about $1.57 per MVC point in value.

Another example is Barony Beach Club in South Carolina. To stay there in mid December it would take 650 MVC points. To stay in the exact same room but paying for it, it would cost $1138. That’s about $1.75 per MVC point in value.

I have taken random MVC properties at various high/medium/low seasons and compared points required with money required to stay in the same villas. The values ranged from 64 cents per MVC point to $3.83 per MVC point — the overall average was $1.69. If you pay with points to rent a car you are only getting 30 cents per MVC point — WAY WAY WAY lower in value. Don’t get caught up in the promos and convenience. Stay focused on using your points the way they were designed to be used –providing high quality places with more living space, and no-hassle resort fees. Even cruises, tours and adventures (Owner Events, etc.) provide better value than using points for Disney tickets or rental cars.

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