Ritz Carlton — Cancun

About a month ago I posted about an announcement reported on MSN that Marriott was providing FREE COVID testing at some of their resorts (entire list of properties are listed in the post), including the above pictured Ritz Carlton in Cancun https://maxingmarriott.com/2021/02/24/free-covid-tests-at-some-marriott-properties-is-there-more-of-these-to-come/. One of my followers (thank you @biggerthehair_closertogod) actually called the Ritz in Cancun and was told it was NOT free, but rather would cost a hefty $160 per person. I have tried reaching out to all my Marriott contacts, and no one will confirm — or deny for that matter — that this service actually is available. I personally wonder if it is something they will START to provide for free in the near future. In the meantime, I know I have some followers who are planning on staying at these resorts as early as April, and I wanted to warn them that all might not be as expected — getting these tests might cost you. Please call the property before you arrive to verify.

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