Vegas Anyone?

The Grand Chateau has dates available during the entire month of May available with the Destinations Escapes discount. You can stay in a Guest Room, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom for 3 nights, 4 nights, or 7 nights — lots of options for you. Because it normally takes 3675 MVC points to stay here for 7 nights in a 2-bedroom villa — using the Destinations Discount it would only be 1,260 MVC points, this is the best deal listed on the Destination Escapes list. It would only take 1,260 MVC points using that discount. I browsed the concerts and shows in May in Vegas — I gotta be honest — nothing jumped out at me. Having said that, I love spending time in Vegas in May, as the weather is warm but not the 100+ degrees it reaches in the summer months. If Vegas is on your list, this is a good deal.

If you are open and comfortable to traveling to the Caribbean, St. Kitts is on the Destination Escapes list for May! This is one that I would definitely do if we didn’t have family obligations that month. All villas are 2-bedroom, and it would only be 1,260 MVC for a week instead of the regular 2,450 for a typical reservation in May. We LOVE St. Kitts — it’s quiet, relaxing, and is one of our favorite places to get away. COVID restrictions are currently in affect — you must provide a negative test and upload their required forms through the end of April. Not sure if that will be extended or modified for May.

If Kauai is on your radar, the Kauai Lagoons — Kalanipu’u is on the list for May, but only a few dates available and only for 3 or 4 nights in a 2 bedroom. If you really want to do this, and act fast, you could reserve a 4-night 2 bedroom checking in on May 6 using the Destination Escapes discount, AND reserve 3-nights 2 bedroom checking in on May 10th with a normal reservation. So basically you would be 7 nights in a 2 bedroom villa at this resort for only 2,205 MVC points (720 for 4 nights and 1305 for 3 nights). Those dates are currently available but won’t last long. Think about it — a week in Kauai Lagoons for only 2,205 MVC points!!!!

Shadow Ridge Enclaves is also listed on the Destination Escapes List. All villas are 2 bedrooms, and to stay for 7 nights here would only be 1,260 MVC points versus the 2,450 MVC points with the normal reservation. This is another great deal if golf and warm weather is on your radar.

The other property listed on Destination Escapes is Royal Palms in Orlando. It is not that great of a deal. There are only 3 or 4 nights available (all villas are 2-bedroom), and for 4 nights it would take 720 MVC points. If you reserved the same villa using normal procedures, it would be LESS at only 600 MVC points. DO NOT DO THIS if you want to max your points.

There are a few April properties still available — Harbour Lake in Orlando, Timber Lodge in Tahoe, and Pulse in San Diego. If you are interested in those, check out the website directly. Remember, in order to get the Destination Escapes discount, you must call Owner Services and not reserve it online.

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