Does this look familiar? Anyone who has taken a baby on vacation knows the difficulty of getting them to sleep in a strange place. Sleeping in the same bed will make you wonder how such a small body can be all over the bed at the same time!!! Not to mention it isn’t safe if they are very small. First step for a successful night’s sleep is getting a Pack and Play from the resort — that’s a given. So in the Pack and Play they go. But where to put the Pack and Play? Next to the bed means they wake up and see “mama” and want to eat or play or anything but sleep. Put them where they can’t see you — in the bathroom? Might work good until you have to go to the bathroom after they are asleep, and then if you can even GET to the toilet — well do I need to say more? And none of those options enables you to use a sound machine that are so popular to help put the baby to sleep.

What to do? Last year my daughter-in-law, Jordan came up with a great solution!!! Put the Pack and Play in the closet!!! Yes, you read that right — the Pack and Play fits perfectly in the closet, tried and tested at Newport Beach Resort. I’m talking a small baby here, not one that can stand up and reach the hangars. Now before you envision awful scenes of Harry Potter living in a closet, think about it. It can be darker. You can use a sound machine. They can’t see you. You can still hear them and are close by if they wake unexpectedly. Totally safe. BAM!!! It worked great for two our children’s families, and something they all said they wished they would have thought of before. And now you know! It won’t guarantee a good night’s sleep, but your chances are much better!!!

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