Waiohai Beach Club, Courtesy of Marriott

The anticipated opening of Hawaii is upon us — officially October 15th. Though it still isn’t the easy going “showing up and doing whatever” experience, the 14-day quarantine will no longer be required. For sure you will need your 72-hour negative COVID results. Some airlines are offering convenient testing at certain locations, such as Seattle and San Francisco — at additional personal costs between $129-$250. The key is to get “state approved COVID-19 test.” Hawaii has stipulated what tests will be valid and accepted. The traveler will also be required to submit a temperature check and fill out health forms upon arrival.

Here’s what we do know. The resorts are waiting and anxious for travelers to show up. Airlines are doing what they can to help travelers get there with lower air fares and COVID testing options. It isn’t easy or convenient to get there, and many travelers, as well as Hawaiian residents are very concerned about what the affect of opening up the state will mean. It’s complicated. This whole year has been difficult. And the situation is quite fluid as state officials try to balance the need to resume their travel industry and the need to keep their residents safe. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next month or so. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I for one, am anxious to be able to go there.

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