Marriott’s Newport Beach Villas

Most MVC owners who live on the West Coast will recognize this view. Newport Beach is one of our favorite resorts to visit. The resort is beautiful, the location is great, but what makes this resort one of our favorites is that THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!!! I’ll be reviewing all the activities — what/how you experience the best at this resort — but for now, I want to leave you with an important tip when travelling to ANY resort during COVID.

I’ve already told you how to check what is open at each resort during COVID–, or go directly to the Marriott website with this link: Before you book, don’t skip this step. But it doesn’t end there. Call the resort — about a week before you arrive. Ask them what activities are currently open. You’ll get more specific information. For example, In July we took our family to Newport. The website said the pools were open, but all activities were closed. I called the resort and found out that although the activities were indeed closed, if we brought our own basketball, volleyball, golf tees and golf balls, and sand toys we would be able to use those facilities. It was an easy add to our packing and we were able to use them while we were there.

Playing basketball and golf at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas

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